Albian Ecology- Study #1
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Albia Ecology Study #1

The average temperature for study area #1 is between low and medium. It depends on the season and weather. The rock part is much colder than the garden. Light and air pressures are right around medium, as are inorganic nutrients. Organic nutrients are low. Animals that live here are ants, worms, and bees. Ant nests are common. The animals may very, depending on what kinds of plants are living there. Plants that occur naturally there are the triffod-->and pear plant--> . However, many other species can grow there. These species are carrots, trumpet flowers, and (depending on the season) acorn plants . These plants can be added with implements. Below, in the rocky area, is a fern growing pulsitillia berries. These berries are incredibly attractive to norns, and healthy, although they are a bit fatty. Above (not in the picture) is a vine growing small yellow fruits. Norns love these too, and these fruits are full of vitamins.