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NEWS!!!!! GUESS WHAT PEOPLE!! I registered Cheatmachine it is SOOO COOL!!!!! And if you're gonna e-mail me for the URL to download the registered version, the answer is NO! Anyway, it is SO COOL!! It SERIOUSLY rules!!! Get it today!!!


Welcome to the all-new Albian Ecology! This isn't just any other boring Creatures2 webpage. Here, we study Albia, and tell you the cool things we find out! But, not having a COBs page is like leaving a birthday party without party favors! (lol anologies). So, I've included a COBs page.


 I just added out new mascot Sarah! From now own, she thinks up the quotes around here! :)

Note on COBs page: Are you sick of visiting C2 after C2 page looking for new COBs but just finding the same old boring ones? Well, the COBs here are created by ME, and only posted on my friend Celeste's page, so you probably have not seen them before! Have a look! :)

Feel free to  email me,